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Шрифты - Creativemarket - Handlettered Font Bundle [TTF, OTF]

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Шрифты - Creativemarket - Handlettered Font Bundle [TTF, OTF]- Название: Creativemarket - Handlettered Font Bundle
Официальный сайт: Creativemarket
Раздаваемый материал: Шрифты
Формат: TTF, OTF
Количество / Штук: 14
Поддержка кириллицы: Нет
Handlettered Font Bundle - Набор из 16 коммерческих шрифтов. Выбирайте любой шрифт и создавайте что-то удивительное! Или используйте один из заранее разработанных шаблонов, я включил их в набор.
Это пакет включает в себя разнообразный выбор шрифтов от сценария до узорчатых слоистых шрифтов и изворотливых наконечников, так что вы будете иметь возможность создавать бесконечные типографские проекты для одежды, эмблем, открыток или просто для удовольствия!

Here's a little more info on each font:

Annabelle - is a bold script typeface with an additional jazzy little pattern font that you can place on top in any colour you like. Or you can use Annabelle without the pattern fill to create an elegant, bold piece of typography.
Joseph - is a layered, all caps typeface. Just like Annabelle, you can use it with or without the pattern font.
Inspirations - This is a right little cutey. It's a very neat and modern handwriting font which will be perfect for logos, addresses on envelopes and larger amounts of text.
Dramatic - is exactly that! This hand brushed, authentic script has rough edges and tonnes of elegance! There are alternate glyphs for each end of the lowercase letters so your words will look complete and hand lettered.
Tristan - this one's my favourite! The floating baseline and varied letter sizes really catches the eye giving your work a beautiful, modern calligraphy style. There are alternates and the uppercase letters are perfect to use as all caps (I've used them on the birth announcement card template which is included).
Jacob - is a fun, bouncy font and works great in a pairing or even as the main font in a design (see the last picture of the cute little girl).
Alright - was made with a gel pen and is all caps. This works extremely well with script fonts, especially Famed. You can see them at work on the t-shirts preview picture.
Fernando - this is another of my favourites because it works so well on it's own or paired with a script font. It's just a totally genuine looking, hand lettering font. Fernando is a very happy, all caps font that you can use anywhere and with anything!
Felicity - is an open, all caps font which can be applied as a complimentary typeface with other fonts. It's great for small words here and there to give your designs a little extra style.
Debbie - is a childlike typeface which works well with Jacob. The uppercase letters are the same size as the lowercase letters so you can swap them to see which combination works best for you.
Gladys - is open with that little extra swirl effect to give your words some handmade elegance. Like Felicity, Gladys works well in smaller words but not too many, making it perfect as a companion to an elegant script font. You can see Gladys in the birth announcement card design and the logo designs I've included in the download.
Ribbon - is a calligraphic typeface which includes alternates and some very elegant uppercase letters which are perfect for your initials. In fact, so are the lowercase if you use the alternate glyphs with the ribbon swashes. This font is also perfect for greeting cards and is used in the logo templates and the Happy Birthday card.
Jennifer - is another beautifully elegant hand lettered font. It has cute little swirls on the uppercase letters and will look great in your designs.
Famed - is a tall, thin handwriting font with tall ascenders and descenders. This is perfect for signatures and works very well with Alright font (see the t-shirts).
Caitlin - is another modern script font which is perfect for your hand lettering styled projects. I've used this on one of the tote bag designs in the preview picture - it works so well on it's own and will work well with most of the other fonts in this bundle.
Lucky Dip - I love this one! A small but chunky hand brushed typeface with small caps to fit with the lowercase letters. This, I've found, goes with everything in this bundle. You can make it any colour and it will still be as bold as brass!


Файлы шрифтов с расширением .otf и .ttf скопировать в директорию "C:\Windows\Fonts"


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