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SOL: Exodus v1.11.4831 (Update 1 - 3) (2012) (Seamless Entertainment) (ENG) [RePack] от Tirael4ik

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- Год выпуска: 2012
Жанр: Экшен, космический симулятор, инди
Разработчик: Seamless Entertainment
Издательство: Seamless Entertainment
Платформа: PC
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Тип издания: Репак (Лицензии)
Таблэтка: Вшита (SKIDROW)-Системные требования:
Операционная система: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), or Windows 7
Процессор: : 1.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2, or equivalent
Оперативная память: : 2.0GB
Видеокарта: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 256 MB of VRAM;(NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS, ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256 MB)
Звуковая карта: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 16-bit
Свободное место на жестком диске: 4 GB available-Описание: SOL: Exodus – космический симулятор, в котором вы берете на себя роль пилота космического корабля, сражающего за выживание человеческой расы. Вместе с другими пилотами вам предстоит бороздить просторы нашей Солнечной системы, сражаясь с врагами возле Сатурна, Нептуна, Юпитера и других планет. Одновременно в боях будут принимать участие как огромные флагманы, так и множество более мелких кораблей.
Seamless Entertainment возродила традиции таких культовых космических симуляторов,
как Wing Commander, Freespace, в своем дебютном проекте SOL: Exodus.
В роли пилота универсального космического истребителя игроки примут участие в битве за выживание человечества. Командуя крылом боевых товарищей, они сразятся с противниками среди колец Сатурна, в атмосфере Юпитера, на орбите Нептуна и возле других планет нашей системы.-

Особенности репака

--За основу взят лицензионный релиз игры от Skidrow--
- аудио качество: 100%
- видео качество: 100%
- установка всего дополнительного софта (DirectX, Visual C++)
- запуск игры через ярлык на десктопе или через меню пуск
- для установки установки необходимо 1024 Мб ОЗУ
- примерное время установки 1-5 минут(а,ы)
- cохранена документация к игре на английском языке (pdf)
- Update 1 - 3
Автор Repacka:

Особенности игры

- Experience an action space shooter like no other with Unreal-powered visuals.
- Eight epic missions take you across breathtaking landmarks of our solar system, including Pluto, Neptune, Triton, Uranus, Saturn, and Titan.
- Utilize the advanced weaponry of your UCS HADES space fighter, including dual gatling guns, tracking missiles and MAG cannon.
- Engage a variety of enemy fighters, bombers, drones and more as you protect civilian transports and defend installations from attack.
- Take down massive capital ships by hacking into them and revealing their weak points or turning their weapons on one another.
- Learn the origins of your shadowy foes as the plot unfolds through full voice-acted dialogue
- Replay missions to earn higher ranks and perform heroic actions to earn upgrade points which can be used to improve your fighter.
- Top your friends on Steam leaderboards and compare your medals with dozens of achievements to unlock
- Fully remappable controls support USB gamepads, joysticks, and mouse/keyboard control schemes.

Update 1

- Fixed an issue with possible profile corruption and added measures to repair existing broken profiles while attempting to preserve gameplay related progress and upgrades
- Fixed an issue where campaign progress could be incremented accidently at times when completing a mission through the mission select screens
- Targeting triangles for non-targeted, non-critical ships again made to be less prominent in the UI
- Implemented a smart target cycle system, that prioritizes more dangerous or objective centric ships first
- Made CoD Elites easier to hit
- Improvements to Hades guns
- Improvements to AI with skill level of Rookie
- Damage effects to the user's windshield won’t show up until 20% or lower health now, down from 40%
- Fixed issue where the targeting triangles of non-targeted ships could actually be larger than the triangle of the currently targeted ship
- Added Support for 2560x1600 (16:10) and 2048x1152 (16:9) resolutions
- Added Support for very widescreen resolutions being loaded from profile data
- Fix for issue where user ship could spin endlessly in one direction when trying to use mouse and keyboard controls
- Fix for issues related to achievements sometimes being reset when leaving a mission
- Fix for potential crash that could occur when applying video settings when starting up a new level
- Fix for potential crash that could occur on startup
- Expanded the amount of remappable keyboard keys. Now includes: Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Minus, Equals, Left Bracket, Right Bracket, Semicolon, Quote, Comma, Period, Slash, Backslash, Left Control, Right Control

Update 2

- Extended joystick support implemented. Saitek X52 and Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X are now supported
- On control settings screen, “Gamepad” renamed “Xbox/PS Gamepad” and will only show up if appropriate controller is connected.
- “Joystick” renamed “Joystick/Gamepad” as most modern gamepads register as joysticks and will only show up if appropriate controller is connected.
- Only 6 default mappings put in for joysticks, down from 12. Y-axis now inverted by default. This change will not affect previously saved settings changes.
- Fixed issue on Mission 7 where the user would not always get points for destroying the CoD Temple.
- Fixed performance issues on M7.
- Shortened M1 and M7 a bit due to pacing issues.
- Shortened Prologue a bit due to pacing issues. Heroic action requirements also reduced (25 fighters -> 15)
- Further improved Atlas turret effectiveness.
- Elite AI behaviors further improved.

Update 3

- Decreased level load times
- Various optimizations
- If locking a missile on a target, and missile lock is then lost (out of view, changed target), user may release the missile fire button without firing a missile. This is only if they release the button before a new lock is acquired.
- Docking penalty re-added
- Added a visibility cone to the radar for easier readability for the time being.
- Fixes for the afterburner sound sometimes playing constantly after use.
- Virtual Mouse Joystick mode should now respect deadzone and sensitivity settings, though more work needs done still.
- MAG cannon projectile speed increase
- HADES Missile slight speed / health increase
- Reduced chances lower difficulty enemy fighters will shoot missiles out of the air.
- Increased speed of Gunships
- Increased potency and accuracy of Gunship turrets
- Mission 3 has gotten a complete revamp. No more transports to save and, in general, is much more action-orientated than before.
- Mission 5 Gunship exit points moved further out from their spawn point allowing players enough time to kill them (this was needed due to their speed increase)

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